Korean War Veterans and POW/MIA Day

Korean War Veterans and POW/MIA Day

On September 24th at 2 pm, we hosted our annual Korean War Veterans and POW/MIA Remembrance Day. This very special day we honor those veterans of the Forgotten War. It is also a day that we pause to remember the tens of thousands of service men and women whose fate is still not recorded. This year’s guest speaker was USMC Veteran of World War II (Iwo Jima) and Korea (Cosin Reservoir), SGT Bill Call.
SGT Call Served both, During WWII (Iwo Jima) and during the Korean Conflict (Battle of Chosin Reservoir). Bill gave an upbeat and positive talk of his experiences in Korea and the difficulties that the extreme weather, terrain and a determined enemy presented.

Additionally we were honored to have Fred Liddell (Korea POW) in attendance this year. Fred Liddel (Korea POW) It has been several years since we’ve had a guest speaker who served as a prisoner of war. Fred was captured during the major Chinese offensive. His stories about POW camp conditions, of attempted escapes and brutality at the hands of his captors touched all of our hearts. What a testimony to the spirit of our captured service members as they banded together in support of one another.

A special thanks to the very talented Brown Family Band for the musical entertainment at this event.