2017 Korea Era Veterans & POW/MIA Remembrance Day - PFC Kight Story

2017 Korea Era Veterans & POW/MIA Remembrance Day - PFC Kight Story

We were honored to host Korean War Veterans and Pow/MIAs and their families this year for our annual Remembrance Day. Each Korean era veteran was introduced and presented with a gift from the museum for their service. Additionally, Lisa Sprague, grand niece of Gerald “Mike” Kight presented a moving story about her uncle, who’s WWII remains were found in 2011. PFC Kight of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, parachuted into the Netherlands during operation Market Garden.

  • PFC Kight participated in securing the bridge at Wald, and made the famous night crossing of the Waal river to secure the bridge at Njimegen.

    PFC Kight was listed as MIA and later KIA during the German counteroffensive to drive the Allies out of the Netherlands. His remains, when found, indicate he fired every round from his machine gun and hand weapons prior to his death as he heroically covered the retreat of his company during that battle.

  • We are doubly honored, not only by Lisa’s presentation, but that the family has chosen our museum to display the items found at the site where his remains were discovered.

    Museum Director Chip Duncan shared, during Lisa’s presentation, that it was one of the most moving displays he has ever had the honor to place into the museum.

    Stop by the museum and ask at the front desk to see this special exhibit. Now click the link below to see the video of Lisa’s moving presentation and hear the entire story of this unselfish veteran.

    Once again, we were blessed during this program as we continue our mission that “They Shall Not Be Forgotten”.